Discovery Consulting, LLC is a limited liability company registered in the State of Washington and located in Seattle, Washington.  Its principal is Gregory Tuai.  Discovery Consulting has been in business since 1985.  Gregory Tuai was educated at Yale University (class of 1979) and received his masters in bioengineering from the University of Washington in 1985.  He holds two patents for his designs.  His experience includes medical ultrasound, high speed object detection, biometric identification, CMOS video, RF transmission, and embedded design.

The "we" used on the other pages refers to other professionals (artists, designers, and manufacturing organizations) used by Discovery Consulting to furnish you with the best possible service.

Resume for Gregory L. Tuai

Employment Background and Experience

June 1988 to the present-
Independent consultant and owner of Discovery Consulting, LLC.  Embedded system design/electrical engineering.  All aspects: conception to production, hardware and firmware.

Managed teams of 2 to 5 engineers and designers for clients.  Excellent communication and writing skills.  Good listener and able to facilitate understanding among diverse people.  Creative, excellent troubleshooter, organized, and self-starter.

Expertise includes:

  • Event driven software and firmware creation (assembly, C/C++)

  • Low cost microprocessor and controller hardware design

  • Telephone line interface (DAA) and modem design

  • High speed optical detection of projectiles

  • Micro-power and battery operation

  • Creation of user friendly software.

  • Ethernet implementation

  • Embedded Linux

  • PCB design

Projects include:

  • Offender monitoring systems- Biometric identity verifcation

  • Linux-based holographic photographic system

  • Racing car monitoring equipment

  • RF and IR data transmission

  • Internet/hardware integration

  • Telephone based products

Awarded two patents; one for biometric security, the other for an implementation of electronic monitoring of offenders (home detention).

January 1984 to June 1988-
Principal engineer for Microphonics Technology Corporation, Bellevue.  First voice recognition system for the PC.

March 1980 through January 1984-
Design engineer for Advanced Technology Laboratories, Redmond.  Medical ultrasound.


Awarded Master of Science in Engineering degree, University of Washington, June 1985.
Awarded Bachelor of Science degree in biomedical engineering, Yale University, May 1979.

Community service

Awarded Community Voice Award, May 2004.  Visit this link for more information.

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