Embedded Systems Design

Discovery Consulting, LLC can provide you with embedded system design services from conception to manufacturing support.  Specializing in low cost, low power, very efficient event driven, high performance implementations, Discovery Consulting, LLC has expertise in ergonomics and market approach.  Discovery Consulting, LLC can supply you with breadboards to fully implemented prototypes of your products.

Here are some of our capabilities:

  • Specification and thorough documentation
  • RF data transmission
  • Hardware design (microcontrollers, RF communication, Ethernet, telephone DAA, modems, etc.)
  • Linux/C-based firmware design
  • Extensive Microchip PIC™ microcontroller design knowledge
  • Rabbit Semiconductor-based design
  • Home HVAC & lighting with remote control via the Internet
  • Persistor-based design
  • PCB design (2, 4, 6, ... layers)
  • Manufacturing support and liaison services
  • All manufacturing documentation for turnkey production
  • Test and acceptance procedures

Discovery Consulting, LLC is a limited liability company.